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Engineering (Mechanical and Methods Design Office)

01 – The Mechanical Design Office MTI

Since 1994 MTI has been present as a designer and manufacturer of systems specific to the field of industry. As such, we offer hydraulic sub-assembly studies that will allow you to benefit from a turnkey solution, from the design to the on-site installation of your products.

In order to offer you specific and efficient solutions, we systematically rely on the international standards in force and have our products certified by approved independent bodies.

By opting for the design of your hydro-electric projects by MTI, you obtain the guarantee of cutting-edge work and impeccable implementation.

02 – External services

MTI is a complete industrial production structure. Our experience and know-how have allowed us to develop year after year specific production, design and production methods.

Today more than ever, we are able to guarantee our customers to carry out their projects according to a perfectly structured and perfectly controlled process including different phases:

• Preliminary study
• Design and development • Testing •

Prototyping • Manufacturing • Control

Assembly/disassembly and on-site repair

Call on us to solve your most complex technical problems! Thanks to the synergy of our various employees, we will be able to offer you relevant and efficient designs whatever your industrial sector.