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Assembly and installation

MTI ensures on-site assemblies of equipements designed and builded in our factory. Our technical qualified teams take over this final task, the implementation of your project.

In the Industry sector, assembly is a major key step and every performance condition must be perfectly fulfilled. MTI ensures a high precision care of every steps of your project, including this specific one.

01 – Assembly & Complementary tests

Industrial equipment is specific: to be sure to deliver your equipment in the right conditions, we complete each project with complementary tests.

Waterproof tests, tightening test, test with pressure and test with a load can guarantee the accurate operating and the reliability of mechanics and various equipment.

Those tests also aim to guarantee equipment performances by use, and, most of all, users  safety.

Finally, a powerful and accurate assembly ensures productivity, with highly resistant devices in tough work conditions.

02 – On-site services

In the continuity of factory activities, MTI works in-situ, on client’s sites. Those services are complementary options, and can be ordered in addition – Assembly, disassembly, adjustments and reparations.

If so, a specialized team intervenes on site, in a defined framework and according to other enterprises working on the project.

Furthermore, in the challenging industry sector, MTI has all necessary guaranties and accreditations to work on activities in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations
(Habilitation M0, M1 et M2, CACEC, Amiante et Plomb SS4).