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Machining, Metalworking & Welding

As Mecanics and industrial works specialist, MTI offers turnkeys solutions. Research, design, implementation and installation, we fully take care !

With a high-performance mechanical equipment, with the support of expert teams, in any business lines (industrial production, agribusiness, chemistry, etc.), you can call upon us.

01 – Welding

One major expertise of MTI is its welding technics. Our high-level welding uses the latest methods and process, with various technics, allowing us to ensure to our customers a  notable manufacturing quality, and an optimal productivity.

Futhermore, we work on welding with numbers of materials, so we know how to customise to your specific needs !

02 – Metalworking

MTI has every technical equipment and expertise to produce complex and wide-ranging mechanical-welded assemblies. We can work on a custom-tailored project, from several tonnes to nearly 100 tonnes !

Our unique expertise also expresses itself in the several materials we work with, including very thick materials – 100 mm to 150 mm -.

03 – Machining

The MTI know-how expresses itself in industrial machining technics. To that end, we have high-performance equipment to propose high-quality services.

To produce complexes and unique pieces or small batches, we can fully meet your expectations.
Technicality, accuracy and quality are the keywords of our work.

For all our clients, we can produce pieces fitting exactly to requirement specifications, regardless the complexity level.