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CATY Generating Station

Customer: Eiffage Energie Système
Site: CATY
River : Agoût (81)
Commissioning date: 01/2022

Net drop height: 2.30 mTurbed
capacity: 28 m3/sVariation
speed: 100 rpmMechanical
power: 550 kWØ
wheel: 2800 mm


// The project

As part of an H16 renovation of the CATY power plant in the Tarn (81) on the Agout River, EIFFAGE ENERGIE SYSTEME entrusted MTI with the design, manufacture and on-site installation of the new KAPLAN double-controlled turbine with permanent magnet alternator with an electrical power of 500 kW (limitation contract H16).

The site was completely razed and then rebuilt to accommodate the new machine. The work took place from March 2021 for commissioning in January 2022.